Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rafizi Ramli mungkin sedang terdesak kerana pelbagai asakan untuk dia dipecat dari PKR sehingga membuatkan dia terpaksa mencipta beberapa isu termasuklah isu Hasan Malek, Bank Rakyat, skandal penyelewengan anak lelaki Hasan Malek di Sabah melibatkan diesel seludup yang dibeli secara tender tetapi dijual semula kepada kepala-kepala penyeludup pada harga yang sangat rendah dan terbaru, isu kenaikan harga belajar memandu dan pembaharuan lesen.

Peningkatan harga ujian lesen memandu bukanlah untuk lesen memandu sebenar atau pembaharuan lesen di mana kadar kedua-duanya tidak berubah sebaliknya untuk meningkatkan pembelajaran serta ujian bagi menapis kelayakan pemegang lesen dalam usaha mewujudkan pemandu-pemandu baru yang lebih berkualiti di negara ini.

Senarai harga tersebut telah beredar di Internet dan turut diedarkan oleh Rafizi Ramli. Bagaimanapun, harga tersebut BUKANLAH ditetapkan oleh JPJ atau Kerajaan tetapi oleh sekolah-sekolah memandu sendiri di mana harga bagi setiap sekolah tidak pernah ditetapkan oleh kerajaan.

Presiden Persatuan Sekolah-Sekolah Memandu Malaysia, Mat Aris Bakar menjelaskan bahawa dia meramalkan harga kursus memandu adalah antara RM1,200 sehingga RM1,600 kerana beberapa faktor.

"Harga lesen memandu untuk kereta iaitu kelas (D) dan lesen motor iaitu kelas (B2) akan dinaikkan bermula 14 Julai 2014. Kenaikkan harga lesen ini berikutan pelaksanaan Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP) yang dinaik taraf oleh JPJ mulai 14 Julai 2014.

Pembaharuan dalam pengambilan kelas memandu ini merangkumi 3 elemen yang dinaiktaraf iaitu kelas KPP, buku teks KPP sukatan pembelajaran baharu, dan juga format ujian berkomputer.
Mulai 14 Julai 2014 harga lesen memandu Kelas D dan Kelas B2 akan dinaikkan seperti berikut.

* Kereta Kelas D – RM 1300 akan naik ke RM 2000
* Motorsikal Kelas B2 – RM 600 (termasuk yuran lesen) akan naik ke RM 1050.

Dalam bahasa yang lebih mudah, material pembelajaran telah dipertingkatkan dan kesemua kos tersebut telah dipindahkan kepada pelajar-pelajar.

Menurutnya lagi, kurikulum baru tersebut lebih mendalam pembelajaran dibuat secara individu dan bukannya seperti dalam sistem lama di mana sesetengah seksyen pembelajaran dikendalikan secara berkumpulan.

Kurikulum baru itu juga turut melibatkan bengkel teori yang digantikan dengan pembelajaran di gelanggang sekolah memandu itu sendiri. Penekanan akan diberikan kepada belokan tiga titik, parking sisi, parking bukit, S-course dan crank-course untuk pembelajaran praktikal.

Mat Aris kemudiannya turut menambah, kurikulum untuk lesen motosikal tidak berubah.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A massive air and sea hunt for Filipino gunmen possibly still holding a Malaysian marine police constable is continuing as all escape routes off Semporna has been cut off.

According to police source, patrol boats from various security forces as well the navy’s helicopter have been scouring the Semporna area for the gunmen who killed a 32-year-old marine police corporal in Mabul island.

Marine policeman Kpl Rajah Jamuan was killed while a constable identified as Zakiah Aleip, 26, remains missing after shootout with the gunmen during an ambush at the Mabul Water Bungalows Resort

The shootout occurred just before midnight when eight gunmen in military fatigue landed on the island around 11.30pm Saturday.

Initial indication was that the gunmen might have rowed into the area with their boat before climbing up the resorts jetty from the back of the building.

It is learnt that as soon as they entered, the gunmen started to shoot randomly towards the restaurant, reception office and jetty area before fleeing.

The New Straits Times reported that the two personnel were in a team of eight, including staffers from the marine police unit, who responded to alerts of gunshots being fired

On arriving at the location, the cops were fired on by the group near the Water Bungalows resort.

One of the policeman, Sgt Jeffridin who was on a boat nearby, heard the commotion and went to investigate. He found two of his colleagues had gone missing.

Rajah’s body was later found under the jetty.

It is suspected that the shootout could be revenge attacks or for ransom demand.

Reaction by the Deputy OCPD Tawau showed that he is trying to prevent the disclosure of his relation with the individuals involved in syndicate gambling, prostitution, drugs and human trafficking in Tawau, give a lot of things that should not have happened in the PDRM, is widespread and does not seem to be contained.

Based on the information, the police officer may be so anxious when photographed receiving gifts from DAP Sri Tanjung Assemblyman was reviewed and a reaction due to the presence of Tien Fung Chin Yen or Rambo known for his underworld activities.

An issue raised by the blog was about a conflict of practice with instructions from Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bil. 3 in 1998 to be followed by a public servant. But the officer seems trying to use his power to trace the owner of the blog in addition to making false accusations in a blog.

Ironically, many articles involving police in the blog, is to defend the police institution!

There are already a lot of negative stories involving this officer, including when he served in Johor and tendency to bail any Chinese criminal suspects arrested in Tawau.

Since the exposure is made ​​and widely disseminated in the Sabah, several police reports made ​​by certain parties request that the MACC officers involvement with a syndicate led by Rambo Chin. Also told is that of the Disciplinary actions against the police, following some other information Rambo Chin certainly well acquainted with it.

Some pictures and some of the Hari Polis celebration in Balai Polis Tawau, was attended by Rambo Chin and a few other Chinese men who have been identified as the mastermind of prostitution and gambling in Tawau and Kota Kinabalu.

In his police report, the Supt said, the gift was spontaneously hand over by DAP assemblyman and he was not very familiar whom with the DAP assemblymen. The statement was contradict with several pictures showed the officer was well known the particular individual.

It's so fishy!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

A police report was made by Tawau OCPD Deputy Supt. Keong Ho Eng on a blog (H.E.R.E) featuring pictures, receiving the gifts from DAP assemblyman. Also seen in the photograph is a man who is known in Tawau, named Fun Tien Yen or Rambo Chin.

Rambo Chin is the right person to Kota Kinabalu DAP MP, Jimmy Wong and is the mastermind of a syndicate smuggling, prostitution, gambling slot machines as well as various other immoral activities in Tawau.

Tawau is one of the most severe crime, prostitution and gambling vice in the state. Tawau is also one of the focus areas of illegal immigrants from the Philippines.

In its report, Supt. Eng Keong Ho explained that he did not know anything about Jimmy Wong and try to tell that hampers are giving for Iftar program of Tawau IPD.

As a Deputy OCPD, how Supt. Eng Keong Ho did not know about prostitution and immorality in the area, not to mention JUNCTION 8 premises owned by Rambo Chin is located not far from the IPD hometown where Supt. Eng Keong Ho on duty?

Mine too, is not mentioned at all relationships between Supt. Eng Keong Ho and Rambo Chin, but the question is the reasonableness Supt. Keong Ho Eng receives gift hampers from the public and the conflict with Pekeliling Perkhdimatan Bil. 3 1998, which should be observed by public servants.

Why Supt. Keong Ho Eng unfazed and reacted so negatively? What fears? How can a high-ranking police officers and held important positions in the administrative district, said he cannot know Rambo Chin?

If not impossible, Supt. Keong Ho Eng said he did not know even a single person or the head of the criminal underworld in Tawau!

Or actually he was trying to hide something, especially to do with protection against illegal syndicates involving gambling and prostitution in Tawau so the soft question about acceptance up to and Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bil. 3, 1998, thus making him so scared and allegedly reporting false accusations?

The Police Disciplinary and MACC should see this case as a serious matter and should be addressed as soon as possible. During this time, it's too much negative perception of the police and related law enforcement agencies by providing protection against the syndicate gambling and prostitution in the country.

Something had to be done and the war unto the whistleblowers won’t ended all negative perceptions but devastating the PDRM itself.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sinar Harian reports that it is believed that the Islamic militant group, ISIL was believed was going to bomb a building in Kuala Lumpur.

According to sources, a UK police officer tipped PDRM off on this plan and said that 20 ISIL members were already in the country and that the plan was to use gas cylinder tanks to bomb the targeted building.

A unnamed PDRM member have confirmed receiving this information and was investigating.

This follows from last Wednesday's arrest of 5 suspected militants ranging from a UM lecturer, a Selayang council worker and students.

The arrests brings to 10 the number of suspects picked up for allegedly planning to launch bomb attacks in Malaysia and other secular Muslim countries.

Seven were in Selangor and three in Kedah.

The cell is believed to have been operating since last October and recruited members via Facebook.

“We are sure that the group comprises more than 10 members,” Ahmad Zahid said at a press conference here.

Based on interrogation, he said the authorities also learnt that the suspects had been undergoing military-style training.

“They have a wide network outside of Malaysia,” he added.

The police and Home Ministry, he said, were working closely with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to identify the person who carried out recruitment via Facebook.

“We are also tracking down other members, who we believe were given military-style training so that they could join jihad missions in countries in conflict under the pretext of humanitarian work.

“As a moderate Muslim country, we are interested in helping these countries but joining militants is not the way.

“We do not condone violence, and we will not let any Malaysian linked to militant activities escape,” he said.

Of those arrested, a man in his 30s is said to be the brains behind the cell.

Among the items seized in Monday’s raids were military-like uniforms, books on jihad, samurai swords, Rambo knives and the group’s flags.
DAP ADUN for Perai and current Deputy Chief Minister II, Professor P.Ramasamy is a known associate of LTTE and a self-acknowledged supporter of separatists and freedom fighters in Sri Lanka.

Professor Ramasamy was appointed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to be one of the members of its Constitutional Affairs Committee in 2003.

The LTTE was the only militant group to assassinate two world leaders: Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993 and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991,.

The LTTE invented the suicide belts and pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks. It has links with other known terror organizations including Al-Qaeda and had also sent weapons, combat tacticians and explosive experts to the southern Philippines to train and arm members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, who are linked to last year's attack on Lahad Datu.

As a result of its tactics, the LTTE is currently proscribed as a terrorist organisation by 32 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, India and all of the 27 countries of the European Union.

While there is nothing wrong in supporting his fellow Tamils, as an elected Malaysian politician and Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, it is wrong for him to publicly support LTTE, which is an acknowledged terrorist organization.

It is doubly wrong to use his official FaceBook page (picture) to do this as this page is maintained by the Office of the DCM II - which implies that Penang state funds are being used to support the LTTE.

Malaysia enjoys diplomatic relationships with Sri Lanka and considers them a friendly country and our public officials should not meddle in their domestic affairs.

In his latest post today on the official DCM II page, P.Ramasamy wrote:

"Malaysian Police's witch-hunt against Tamils continues! Despite the protests by Tamil groups and human rights organizations, the Malaysian police continues its arrest and detention of Tamils suspected of earlier links with the LTTE. Yesterday, four more Tamils were arrested on suspicion from the information gathered from the Sri Lankan intelligence services. The Malaysia police under the present IGP is becoming infamous not only how they treat the poor refugees especially from Sri Lanka but how they treat the local Tamils."

Dear Professor Ramasamy, these are not "poor refugees" and this is police action against ex-members of the LTTE and the ones arrested by the Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division are all senior leaders of the LTTE including one who is a bomb expert and are linked to past terror attacks in Sri Lanka in the past and one of them was also involved in thwarted attacks in Chennai and Bangalore in India recently,

It is learnt that one of the suspects detained was also involved in human trafficking, given the number of forged passports and work permits found in one of their hideouts.

Sources revealed that the LTTE quartet have been in the country since 2009 and were highly respected in the LTTE network.

“The four have been LTTE members since early 1990s.  They came to Malaysia following the Sri Lankan military crackdown on the LTTE and hoped to plan attacks from Malaysia while trying to revive the movement,” the source said.

Given their past connections and the number of forged documents, these four persons are not ordinary "poor refugees" being prosecuted and is certainly not a PDRM "witch-hunt against Tamils". It is a targeted raid on terror suspects.

Professor Ramasamy, Malaysia is not a safe haven for terrorists. Please don't protect or condone them.

You may keep claiming that the LTTE does not exist anymore and frankly, I do not know if it still exists or not. But we must not allow any attempts by their past leaders to even attempt to revive it in Malaysia. PDRM is doing their jobs so please don't condemn them and don't falsely accuse PDRM of a witch-hunt against Tamils.

I would also like to remind you that the top-most leader of LTTE, Selvarasa Pathmanathan was arrested in in the Tune Hotel in  Kuala Lumpur in 2009 - therefore, it is not inconceivable that there are other LTTE leaders still in Malaysia.

From now on, please use your official state-maintained FaceBook page in your official capacity for what you have done for the people of Penang and Malaysia and not what the separatists and LTTE are doing.

Don't use the Rakyat's money to support a known terror-organization or separatists in a far-away country.

Also, please remember that you are now a Deputy Chief Minister of Penang and what you say may also be seen to represent the views of the Penang State Govt and the people of Penang - therefore, please be conscious of what you say on a sensitive subject such as the LTTE.

If you intend to continue your support of the LTTE, please quit all your public posts and do so in your personal capacity.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Prior to the disclosure made by Sri Sanjeevan from MyWatch, the problem of illegal gambling in Malacca has long been said. Serious involvement of law enforcement authorities and politicians in a very profitable industry, but will destroy a state and nation, is getting out of hand.

Some disclosures have been made before, but apparently, there was no signs that the authorities will conduct combat operations and eliminate illegal gambling, slot machines and gambling and other illegal activities that lead to increased crime rates around Malacca.

Some names have been mentioned to be the mastermind of the relevant activities. They are not only the mastermind, even said to protect and use the position as well as their positions to ensure the industry will return tens of millions of Ringgit a year to continue operating.

One of them also said to have recently been sending SMS to the Home Minister and the Inspector-General, with a veiled for his cronies to ensure that activities are not disturbed and destroyed by the authorities.

In one case, a gaming center located so close to a police station in Malacca. Many have questioned the existence of such a gaming center. Even many who expressed surprise, how the gambling center can operate within the police station without any legal action taken.

The IGP has declared that the team will carry out operations against illegal gambling nationwide. During this time, the police conduct operations from time to time to combat gambling centers but its existence has not diminished, but increased from time to time.

So, like it or not, the involvement of 'insider' in illegal activities would not have been deductible. And the culprits are, of course, who has the power and strong relationships with the top.

Who are they? Is it true that illegal gambling industry in Melaka been masterminded by a chief minister SETPOL and police officers themselves?

This blog will cover one by one through a thorough investigation made ​​in a series of things to come.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Abdul Karim has clarified that the government is not trying to hide urban poverty by nabbing beggars and the homeless.

Instead, Rohani said the ministry is trying to “save” them, by taking them in, providing counselling and motivating them to get off the streets.

“The word arrest gives the wrong connotations. We are not like the Immigration Department looking for illegal migrants, no…Don’t say arrest but say we are saving them,” she implored reporters yesterday.

“There is a misconception, as if we are trying to clean them off the streets so Kuala Lumpur will look beautiful and clean. No, we feel they need to be helped.”

She said that once the beggars and homeless are taken in, social workers will find out why they are on the street, provide job coaching as well as health screenings.

“They tell us they have housing problems, job problems, illness, difficulty finding employment or are runaways. They tell us why they run away, like their mother objected to them getting married.

“I tell them, ‘That’s normal, mothers are like that. Don’t fight with your mother for too long’. We talk to them that way,” she said.

The government is under fire for its plan to take in beggars, fine those who give alms, and place a ban on soup kitchens within a two-kilometre radius of Bukit Bintang, starting Monday.

It will also start an operation to pick up the homeless and place them in shelters starting next week.
Gerakan National Youth has lambasted Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy for his "unMalaysian" statement on party president Mah Siew Keong’s appointment to oversee the Hindu Endowment Board.

The wing's chief Tan Keng Liang said today the concept of race is no longer applicable as a Malaysian is expected to take care of every other Malaysian, regardless of race or religious community.

"The mentality that only a minister from your own race can be allowed to take care of your own race is just unMalaysian.

"DAP claims to be multiracial, but how can it come up with such a remark?" he added.

Tan (left) urged Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who supervises Ramasamy, to explain why the his deputy in the state government had responded to Mah's appointment in such a manner.

"Does Ramasamy mean that a Chinese chief minister like Guan Eng can only take care of the Chinese community?" he asked.

Tan was referring to Ramasamy's statement that it was "an insult" for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to appoint Mah to oversee the Hindu board, asking if there were no capable Hindus available to take on the job.

Ramasamy, who is Penang Hindu Endowment Board chairperson, said the portfolio should at least be handed over to an MIC leader.

Tan explained that Mah's role in the Hindu board was merely to execute programmes and there would be people from the ground to provide him with feedback from the community.

He said Mah has appointed Gerakan Youth members Ivanpal S. Grewal and Manimaran Muthu to be his political secretary and special officer, respectively, to assist him in the new portfolio.
While I support Tengku Adnan's goal of eliminating beggars and the homeless in KL, I disagree with his harshness and his seemingly tactless handling. There are many official channels, homes and other charities to help these people and enough jobs around (that's why we got millions of economic immigrants here).

If I were him, I would work with the NGOs by stationing the officers from the various departments with the soup kitchen to help register and talk to those who come. I would even invite the NGOs to help with those official govt centers and welfare agencies.

Remember also that the Soup Kitchens are NOT forced out of KL or forced to close down entirely. Don't be spun!

The directive applies only to a 2km radius from Lot 10 and not all of KL. Having the soup kitchen away from this area will also ensure dozens of homeless people won't converge around this location.

Remember that the location is Malaysia's golden triangle of shopping and tourists go there in the millions.

Tourists have the right not to be continually harassed by beggars.

Shopkeepers there have the rights not to have their customers being harassed by beggars.

The country of Malaysia and the city of KL also have the right to project the right image as a progressive, modern and clean city.

If anyone had ever had food along Jalan Alor recently and sat for an hour, you will understand how serious the problem have become now.

If the primary goal of the soup kitchen is to feed the homeless and the homeless going there is to get fed then it does not necessarily have to be in the Golden Triangle area.

KL is hardly alone in having vagrancy laws. In the USA, they used to have these laws and some states still do but now it is seldom used as the police there rather detain the homeless there under the vague "loitering and creating a public nuisance" laws.

There are simply much better and more permanently-lasting ways to help address this problem of beggars and the homeless rather than continually providing hand-outs and free food and hence pro-longing and perhaps even encouraging this problem.

If I were Tengku Adnan, I would list down all the various agencies, shelters and homes that are ready and willing to assist the beggars and homeless and clearly list down their location.

Lim Sian See

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The main suspect behind the murder of Deputy Customs Director-General Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim has been arrested.

After more than a year of being at large, the 30-year-old man was detained together with three others in two separate raids Tuesday morning.

"The four men were arrested in Ampang and Batu Caves, and are in their 30s and 40s," said a source.

The source added that one of the suspects then led police to a house in Taman Jati, Rawang, at about 10am Wednesday.

A T-shirt, believed to have been worn by the gunman on the day Shaharuddin was shot, was found there.

"The men are now in the Putrajaya police headquarters' lock-up," he said.

Shaharuddin, who headed the Customs and Internal Tax Unit Division, was a year away from retirement when he was shot on April 26 last year.

The Negri Sembilan-born Shaharuddin served the Department for over 30 years, where his work earned him the moniker "Mr Clean".
NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully has apologised to the Prime Minister for this diplomatic immunity debacle. His apologies should not stop there. He owes another to the state of Malaysia for suggesting it was entirely to blame for the immunity granted to a junior military officer at its High Commission in Wellington who was facing charges of burglary and assault with intent to rape.

When Malaysia's Foreign Minister responded that New Zealand had been a party to the decision, Mr McCully released an exchange of letters that seemed to give the lie to that claim. A more cautious minister would have suspected there was more to it when his counterpart had such a different understanding of events. Mr McCully ought to have checked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade before New Zealand said anything more.

Too late, he discovered that the ministry had been saying one thing in a letter to the High Commission and another thing in discussions with the Malaysians.

Mr McCully then had to admit his ministry may have given them "mixed messages" about whether it wanted Muhammed Rizalman Bin Ismail to be prosecuted in New Zealand.

When the minister has made amends to Malaysia, he could offer apologies to those his ministry has wronged in this country.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A call for cooperation between different ministries to combat the continuous and alarming rise in dengue cases through a task force is timely as the epidemic can no longer be left to one ministry to handle.

The task force, announced yesterday by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, consists of the Health Ministry, Works Ministry and Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry.

It will be chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and will look into curbing the rise of dengue cases and to implement immediate preventive measures.

Works Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof said though his ministry conducted joint inspections with other agencies at construction sites to curb dengue, the concerted effort between ministries would be more effective.

“We have not been called for a meeting on the special task force yet, but with the coordination between three ministries, we would be able to discuss and streamline how to deal with the outbreak,” he said.

Fadillah said his ministry started working hand-in-hand with the Health Ministry, Immigration Department, Public Works Department and police in inspecting construction areas.

“We initiated inspections to ensure construction sites were safe and clear of breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes,” he said.

“We also ensure contractors and workers cooperate in this.”

He agreed ministries should not deal with the worrying rise in dengue cases on their own but cooperate for a more effective strategy.

As at June 28, there have been 44,518 reported cases of dengue nationwide.

The epidemic has claimed 85 lives within the past six months.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The transformation of public transport starting 2010 has made good progress with modal share of urban public transport rising to 21%, from 17% four years ago.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said it is fast approaching the target of 25% modal share of urban public transport by 2015.

"By end 2013, the average monthly target of 400,000 public transport passengers during peak hours was achieved and averaged 437,525 passengers monthly," he said when opening the 'Park n Ride' Tiered Parking Complex of Ampang Light Rail Transit (LRT) station costing RM30 million, here today.

He said the increased number of public transport users was due to several improvements introduced by the government.

They include additional KTM Komuter train coaches and building of an integrated public transport hub such as the one in Bandar Tasik Selatan.

"Other initiatives include improving connectivity and free urban bus service to encourage the people to use public transport more widely."

Muhyiddin said the target of 750,000 passengers during peak hours set by the Urban Public Transport National Key Result Areas (NKRA) would be met next year.

"In addition, 75 percent of the people will have access to public transport routes next year."

The alleged resignation of a Universiti Malaya dean has taken a new twist with the Education Ministry saying that his contract had merely ended.

Ministry secretary-general II Prof Datuk Seri Dr Zaini Ujang said Prof Datuk Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman’s second term as the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences department had ended.

“Nobody asked him to resign. He has completed his two terms as a dean,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Asked if Dr Mohammad Redzuan’s term could be extended, Dr Zaini said it would not be practical as the professor was already bound to retire early next year.

Dr Zaini said one term lasted about two to three years and normally, a dean served two terms.

“The ministry had nothing to do with the resignation. It was just a normal process of completing a term,” he said.

Dr Zaini said the ministry was only involved in the appointment of a university’s vice-chancellor and deputy vice-chancellor.

“The rest, including professors and deans, are not in the ministry’s interest,” he said.

Online news portals had reported that the ministry ordered Dr Mohamad Redzuan, who was the UM Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMCedel) director, to resign from his position.

It was also reported that Dr Mohamad Redzuan’s tenure as the faculty dean was not renewed.

Some reports linked the dismissal to the centre’s previous survey findings on Malaysian politics which did not go down well with the university.

Out of the 100 neutral fence-sitters interviewed, 77 said they will still vote for PR in the next general election though 55 of them are already unhappy with Pakatan right now.

These 55 gave various reasons such as: “Pakatan has lost focus, Pakatan is lacking direction, Pakatan is divided.”

All 100 of the fence-sitters interviewed are of the view that the opposition’s best chance of capturing federal power has come and gone with GE13 and therefore they should just focus on being the best opposition that they can be.

They are also of the view that PR should reform and reinvent itself in order not to suffer a terrible defeat in GE14 and the loss in the Teluk Intan by-election last month should be a wake-up call for Pakatan.

Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong does not mince his words when he says the party's relationship with Umno is less than cordial.

In an interview with Oriental Daily News published today, the relatively new helmsman tasked with reinvigorating the party after two consecutive dismal general election outings said the two Barisan Nasional partners' leaders had frequently argued in the media over various topics.

This had affected the cooperation between the two parties, he pointed out.

Citing the example of the recent Teluk Intan parliamentary by-election, he said the remarks and actions of certain Umno leaders had indeed given problems to Gerakan, which had to spend time and energy to clear the air.

He said two issues hit Gerakan hard in the run-up to the by-election – Umno Youth members gate-crashing the Penang state assembly sitting and Umno vice-president cum Home Minister Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's remark that the Chinese were not grateful by supporting the Opposition.

Pointing out that extremists exist in any political party including Umno, Mah said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak needs the people's support to continue with the implementation of his moderate policies.

He said Najib is a great proponent of the 1Malaysia and moderate policies but these need to be accepted by the rakyat.

But after the 13th general election in May last year, the 1Malaysia slogan was less audible due partly to the drop in Chinese and Indian support for BN, he noted.

Mah, who was appointed minister in the Prime Minister's Department in the Cabinet reshuffle last week, said another reason is the tipping of the BN balance as a result of Umno's over-dominance and the relatively "small voice" of MCA and Gerakan in the coalition.

He said the result of the Teluk Intan by-election was a boost for Gerakan as the party had succeeded in turning the tables on DAP after losing in the constituency by more 7,000 votes in GE13.

He said had he lost, he would have no choice but to step down as party chief.

"But winning the by-election is by no means enough. It's just the beginning, and what is more important are the tasks for the next three years (before GE14)," he said.

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman has vowed that there will be no cover-up in the case of a Malaysian diplomat implicated in a sex offence case in New Zealand.

"We do not have any intention to sweep the matter under the carpet," he told a press conference at Wisma Putra this afternoon.

The minister was commenting on the case of Muhammad Rizalman Ismail, who was attached with the Malaysian high commission’s defence portfolio.

Anifah, who stressed that Malaysia's good name is at stake, revealed that Rizalman, who was brought back here, is currently undergoing psychiatric tests by the Defence Ministry.

He also disclosed that the Ministry of Defence has set up a board of inquiry to look into the charge.

"Serious action will be taken under the Armed Forces Act 1972 if he is found guilty (of the crime) beyond reasonable doubt," he added.

Meanwhile, Anifah also believes this incident, which he labelled as an "isolated case", would not affect bilateral relations with New Zealand.

"It's a different thing if we do not cooperate. But we are a friendly country," he added.

Previously, New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully warned if Rizalman does not face charges, it would affect relations between Malaysia and New Zealand.

Anifah had also that Malaysia would consider a request from New Zealand if the latter wanted Rizalman to be tried in that country if it is not confident that justice would be served here.

However, he pointed out that New Zealand does not have an issue with the Malaysian judicial system.

The federal government made the right move to compel Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMcedel) director Professor Mohammad Redzuan Othman to resign, said Centre for Political Awareness Malaysia (CPAM).

Claiming that Redzuan is an “Anwarista” (Anwar supporter), CPAM president Huan Cheng Guan alleged that over the years the UMcedel’s former director had been instrumental in making UM staff and students anti-Barisan Nasional (BN).

Huan claimed Redzuan had also acted as the middleman to build strong relations between Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and the pro-Anwar movement in UM.

He also alleged that Redzuan, and a former UM vice-chancellor, Professor Ghauth Jasmon (2008 to 2013), were with Anwar during their Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) days.

“As staunch Anwar supporters, Redzuan and Ghauth have (allegedly) carried out a hidden agenda of making UM staff and students develop anti-government feelings,” he told FMT here today.
Huan, who is also Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) vice-president, recently contested and lost in the Bukit Gelugor by-election.

He cited several incidents to show Redzuan’s political partisanship.

He recalled that former PKR vice-president Zaid Ibrahim had claimed that Anwar, the PKR de facto leader, may have had a hand in a UMcedel survey, under Redzuan’s directorship, on the Kajang by-election.

Morally right

Huan said the survey pointed to Anwar becoming Selangor Menteri Besar to replace Khalid Ibrahim.
He said the survey also claimed that Kajang voters did not consider the by-election to be a waste of public money.

“But real grassroot sentiment showed the truth was to the contrary,” said Huan.

He noted that Redzuan became famous when a pre-election UMcedel survey declared that Pakatan

Rakyat’s general election manifesto had greater traction than BN’s manifesto.

Huan argued that the methodology used in UMcedel’s polls was questionable and Redzuan’s political link with Anwar raised suspicion that the survey results were distorted to shape public opinion and swing votes to Pakatan during the last general election.

He said that a researcher or an organisation must be completely free of any affiliation to any political party to carry out political polls objectively.

He also pointed out that Redzuan was not a social science research expert and his field of expertise was in history and politics of the Middle East, Islamic thought and civilisation and Islam in Malaysia.

“Considering all these factors… it is morally right to ask him to resign especially since his research studies are neither valid nor reliable.

“What the government has done is to nip the problem in the bud before the cancer of lies spreads further.”

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