Saturday, 12 July 2014

A police report was made by Tawau OCPD Deputy Supt. Keong Ho Eng on a blog (H.E.R.E) featuring pictures, receiving the gifts from DAP assemblyman. Also seen in the photograph is a man who is known in Tawau, named Fun Tien Yen or Rambo Chin.

Rambo Chin is the right person to Kota Kinabalu DAP MP, Jimmy Wong and is the mastermind of a syndicate smuggling, prostitution, gambling slot machines as well as various other immoral activities in Tawau.

Tawau is one of the most severe crime, prostitution and gambling vice in the state. Tawau is also one of the focus areas of illegal immigrants from the Philippines.

In its report, Supt. Eng Keong Ho explained that he did not know anything about Jimmy Wong and try to tell that hampers are giving for Iftar program of Tawau IPD.

As a Deputy OCPD, how Supt. Eng Keong Ho did not know about prostitution and immorality in the area, not to mention JUNCTION 8 premises owned by Rambo Chin is located not far from the IPD hometown where Supt. Eng Keong Ho on duty?

Mine too, is not mentioned at all relationships between Supt. Eng Keong Ho and Rambo Chin, but the question is the reasonableness Supt. Keong Ho Eng receives gift hampers from the public and the conflict with Pekeliling Perkhdimatan Bil. 3 1998, which should be observed by public servants.

Why Supt. Keong Ho Eng unfazed and reacted so negatively? What fears? How can a high-ranking police officers and held important positions in the administrative district, said he cannot know Rambo Chin?

If not impossible, Supt. Keong Ho Eng said he did not know even a single person or the head of the criminal underworld in Tawau!

Or actually he was trying to hide something, especially to do with protection against illegal syndicates involving gambling and prostitution in Tawau so the soft question about acceptance up to and Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bil. 3, 1998, thus making him so scared and allegedly reporting false accusations?

The Police Disciplinary and MACC should see this case as a serious matter and should be addressed as soon as possible. During this time, it's too much negative perception of the police and related law enforcement agencies by providing protection against the syndicate gambling and prostitution in the country.

Something had to be done and the war unto the whistleblowers won’t ended all negative perceptions but devastating the PDRM itself.

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