Saturday, 5 July 2014

DAP ADUN for Perai and current Deputy Chief Minister II, Professor P.Ramasamy is a known associate of LTTE and a self-acknowledged supporter of separatists and freedom fighters in Sri Lanka.

Professor Ramasamy was appointed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to be one of the members of its Constitutional Affairs Committee in 2003.

The LTTE was the only militant group to assassinate two world leaders: Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993 and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991,.

The LTTE invented the suicide belts and pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks. It has links with other known terror organizations including Al-Qaeda and had also sent weapons, combat tacticians and explosive experts to the southern Philippines to train and arm members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, who are linked to last year's attack on Lahad Datu.

As a result of its tactics, the LTTE is currently proscribed as a terrorist organisation by 32 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, India and all of the 27 countries of the European Union.

While there is nothing wrong in supporting his fellow Tamils, as an elected Malaysian politician and Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, it is wrong for him to publicly support LTTE, which is an acknowledged terrorist organization.

It is doubly wrong to use his official FaceBook page (picture) to do this as this page is maintained by the Office of the DCM II - which implies that Penang state funds are being used to support the LTTE.

Malaysia enjoys diplomatic relationships with Sri Lanka and considers them a friendly country and our public officials should not meddle in their domestic affairs.

In his latest post today on the official DCM II page, P.Ramasamy wrote:

"Malaysian Police's witch-hunt against Tamils continues! Despite the protests by Tamil groups and human rights organizations, the Malaysian police continues its arrest and detention of Tamils suspected of earlier links with the LTTE. Yesterday, four more Tamils were arrested on suspicion from the information gathered from the Sri Lankan intelligence services. The Malaysia police under the present IGP is becoming infamous not only how they treat the poor refugees especially from Sri Lanka but how they treat the local Tamils."

Dear Professor Ramasamy, these are not "poor refugees" and this is police action against ex-members of the LTTE and the ones arrested by the Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division are all senior leaders of the LTTE including one who is a bomb expert and are linked to past terror attacks in Sri Lanka in the past and one of them was also involved in thwarted attacks in Chennai and Bangalore in India recently,

It is learnt that one of the suspects detained was also involved in human trafficking, given the number of forged passports and work permits found in one of their hideouts.

Sources revealed that the LTTE quartet have been in the country since 2009 and were highly respected in the LTTE network.

“The four have been LTTE members since early 1990s.  They came to Malaysia following the Sri Lankan military crackdown on the LTTE and hoped to plan attacks from Malaysia while trying to revive the movement,” the source said.

Given their past connections and the number of forged documents, these four persons are not ordinary "poor refugees" being prosecuted and is certainly not a PDRM "witch-hunt against Tamils". It is a targeted raid on terror suspects.

Professor Ramasamy, Malaysia is not a safe haven for terrorists. Please don't protect or condone them.

You may keep claiming that the LTTE does not exist anymore and frankly, I do not know if it still exists or not. But we must not allow any attempts by their past leaders to even attempt to revive it in Malaysia. PDRM is doing their jobs so please don't condemn them and don't falsely accuse PDRM of a witch-hunt against Tamils.

I would also like to remind you that the top-most leader of LTTE, Selvarasa Pathmanathan was arrested in in the Tune Hotel in  Kuala Lumpur in 2009 - therefore, it is not inconceivable that there are other LTTE leaders still in Malaysia.

From now on, please use your official state-maintained FaceBook page in your official capacity for what you have done for the people of Penang and Malaysia and not what the separatists and LTTE are doing.

Don't use the Rakyat's money to support a known terror-organization or separatists in a far-away country.

Also, please remember that you are now a Deputy Chief Minister of Penang and what you say may also be seen to represent the views of the Penang State Govt and the people of Penang - therefore, please be conscious of what you say on a sensitive subject such as the LTTE.

If you intend to continue your support of the LTTE, please quit all your public posts and do so in your personal capacity.


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